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My hockey history:

Growing up in California, hockey was foreign to me, but I am trying to pick up the finer points. I go to a few Sharks games each year, and I have learned a lot about what to do, now I just need to get my body to actually do it. My shooting is poor, so I must be a defenseman. I have a fairly good wristshot, but my slapshot is still real weak.

I play roller hockey a few times a week. I play pick-up on Saturday mornings (weather permitting) with a group of hardcore players at a local elementary school. I played with the Jets (Adult D-league) at Gremic Roller Hockey on Thursday nights for a couple years. After Gremic closed, the Jets started playing at Rollin' Ice on Tuesday nights, and then on Thursday nights. I was also affiliated with the Control team on Wednesday nights and the Flying Pucks on Fridays. In 1997 I played a season on the Inline Team with some friends at the Hockey Zone on Sunday nights. The Jets folded after many years, and I joined some friends playing for the Rhinos on Thursday nights at Rollin' Ice. Eventually in Summer 2002 the Rhinos disbanded.

I have thought about trying Ice Hockey, and I have heard really good things about the Pacific Hockey Association.

Years ago, there was a professional roller hockey team in San Jose called the San Jose Rhinos. In the summer months I used to go to almost all of the San Jose Rhinos Roller Hockey games, and I was a season ticket holder and a member of the Booster Club for the last few years of their existence. The Rhinos games were a lot of fun, for a reasonable cost. The games featured high scoring, fast paced, hard hitting hockey. The games were held at the San Jose Arena, during the NHL's off season. The Rhinos were the WORLD CHAMPIONS in 1995, and the RHI Western Conference Champions in 1997. Unfortunately the Roller Hockey International league (RHI) folded in 2000, and the San Jose Rhinos are no more.

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Pictures and Jokes etc:

Priceless: This one was so good that I just had to include it.

Hockey Lingo: adapted from an article written in 1998 by Dave Caldwell for The Dallas Morning News.


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